Tapan Das

Senior-level IT professional with 35 years experience and proven track record of applying appropriate, practical technology/mix of technologies blended with management and leadership initiatives that helps meet business needs while minimizing risks.

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Rajiv Varma
Director, Finance & Marketing

 30 years in sales, marketing, and operations, I've excelled in setting up teams, revamping operations, and developing distribution networks. Experienced in channel and direct sales, I've led successful mergers, conducted product launches, and managed profit centers. My specialties include leadership, mentoring, team building, and establishing distribution networks for startups.

Satish Molasi
Director, Strategy

The Director drives strategic growth by leveraging industry expertise, networks, and vision. They spearhead innovation, identify opportunities, and lead key strategies, ensuring the company's forefront position in technology and electronics.

Sutapa Das
Director, HR & Admin

A Commerce Graduate always looking to work with team to enhance people management, skill development and career path counseling enabling employees to work in a employee friendly work culture and environment